I love new. So does Hannah. New beginnings, new semesters, new seasons, new clothes, new food. When we were first married, Hannah would wake up early in the mornings and declare “it’s morning!” with excitement at the beginning of a new day. Four little children has changed that a bit, but she still loves new. So we love new years. At the start of this year 2018, we are planning to read through the Bible. We are doing this with a longing to know Jesus more and to more fully live His beautiful way. As we go, we hope to use this space to share ideas and have a conversation about what we are learning.

Today is New Year’s Day. We read Genesis 1-3, the very beginning of the story. The words that leapt off the page for me were “God rested.” Think about that. The God who spoke a word and the whole universe leapt into existence. The God, who speaks and sees and makes and creates and blesses, also rested. God rested. I find no need today to figure out exactly what that means for God to rest, but what I find much need for at the beginning of this new year is for me to learn to rest. I take time off work each week and most evenings, but stopping work is different than resting. I have trouble resting. True rest brings renewal. Of the body, the soul, and the world. It is part of the beautiful way of Jesus. So, as I dream about a new year of speaking and creating, I am reminded today that God rested. I want to learn to do the same.