I have been in the dry heat of summer. Barely moving, weak and weary. And You have met me in the desert places with more than enough. (hands covering the head)

Your love for me is cleansing, it is a fountain flowing deep and wide. It washes over me and pours into me, bringing life to what is parched. (hands lifted high)

I have been in the quick-change of autumn. The wind knocked out of me from the pace of life and all the loose ends. And You calmed the storm inside, spoke peace over my anxious heart. (hands over heart)

Your love is still and quiet. It never leaves me stranded. When everything happens quickly, You keep up and hold me close. When I have done all that I can do, You provide a harvest. (hands lifted high)

I have been in the dark dead of winter. Long, hard, and cold. I have withdrawn and hid and frozen over, forgetting the gloom will end. And not once did You leave me. (arms crossed and wrapped around)

Your love for me is passionate and loyal. It is soothing to my soul. It has thawed me gently and wrapped me warmly. Your love calls me out of fear and into freedom. (hands lifted high)

I have been in the newness of spring. Ready for life and fruit, to break loose of all that holds me back. All around me green emerges, because You create and grow. You till my heart to softness and out of this ground comes Your beauty and joy. (hands held out, palms up)

Your love for me is vibrant. It gently prunes what is bare and diligently tends what is broken. Your Spirit comes and rains righteousness down on me. Every breath I breathe proves Your nearness.

In every season You are Love. Once again I receive it and lift my song to You. (hands lifted high)